“Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teeming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential.”
-Dr. Deepak Chopra




Employee Wellness

Wellness is extremely vital for the success of any organization. Productivity, retention, creativity and innovation can significantly improve when an investment is made in the health and well being of employees. Improve your bottom line with effective Stress Management and Employee Wellness using INDIGO Biofeedback, Eternale Rejuvenation Systems, and Quantum Scalar Wave Lasers.


In 2004, the cost of stress marked a $300 billion profit killer in American business.

Worklace Stress

In 2004, an American Psychological Association poll found that:

  • 62% of respondents said that work has a significant impact on their stress level.
  • 82% of workers feel stress on the job.
  • 35% reporting job stress harming their physical and emotional health.

Measuring the costs of stress…

Calculations indicate that the following expenses are attributed solely to stress:

  • 19 percent of absenteeism
  • 40 percent of turnover
  • 55 percent of employee assistance programs
  • 30 percent of short- and long-term disability
  • 10 percent of drug plan costs
  • 60 percent of total workplace accidents
  • All workers comp/ lawsuits costs are because of stress

Reducing the Costs

Employee Assistance Programs are proven to reduce the stress of your workforce.
They reduce the claims and rates of your extended health care and short term disability plans.
Long term disability rates are also reduced as a result of the lower risk of your employees.

Employee Assistance Programs

Well-supported EAP’s can reduce workplace stress related costs by as much as:

  • 30% in lost time
  • 60% in accident payments
  • 60% in sickness payments
  • 50% in grievance
  • 70% in accidents

Significant Savings!

  • AT&T indicated that over a 10-year period, it saved $22.4 million in prevented heart attacks.
  • Lockheed demonstrated savings of $116.00 per employee in health care related costs, Lockheed divisions not participating in the program were spending 30-50 percent more for health insurance.
  • New York Telephone realized savings of $1,565,000 through alcoholism reduction and about $1.2 million in other behavioral areas.

Why Biofeedback?

  • A pilot study by Reiner in 2008, measured the use of biofeedback in conjunction with psychotherapy as part of an Employee Assistance Program.
  • The study revealed that over a 3 week period employees experienced a significant reduction in anxiety and anger; and improved sleep parameters.
  • The results were more significantly improved with the aid of biofeedback; than therapy alone.


  • Biofeedback assisted Employee Wellness Programs reduced the number of sick days from 10 to 7 in the month during the intervention.
  • Additionally, 16 of the 19 employees enrolled in the study purchased devices for personal use after the study was complete



The INDIGO Biofeedback System and Eternale Rejuvenation System offer sophisticated, mainstream solutions to many of the current employee health challenges facing corporations today.

  • Help your employees help themselves
  • Reduce stress related accidents, absences and illnesses
  • Save healthcare dollars
  • Improve work performance, corporate culture and quality of life!


Spinal Muscular Re-Education, Sarcode Feedback
The indigo has hundreds of retraining programs to help manage all kinds of pain and stress; and facilitate muscle re-education relaxation. This panel alone will have a significant impact on workers comp claims and lost work days due to pain/ injury.

This program helps retrain the brain, enhancing learning, attention, focus and clarity

There’s something in here for everyone; from menopausal women’s issues, to chronic fatigue sufferers, to those suffering from allergies, depression and more.

Our NLP panel is like a psychologist’s office in a box. For just about every DSM diagnosis we have a retraining program from anger management, to addictions, to phobias, anxiety and OCD, you name it. In addition to stimulating memory, creativity, intelligence centers in the brain. How many of your employees would benefit from a little of that?

How can this be integrated?

The INDIGO does require training and certification for use. My role is to help you develop a plan that targets your highest risk employees first; while making biofeedback services accessible to all of your employees. We utilize baseline measures of stress and wellness to establish efficacy- which your HR/ Accounting departments can then translate into cost savings for your company at the end of year one.

We look forward to helping you relieve workplace stress and restore balance to your bottom line.

To schedule an appointment for a free consultation and learn more about our Biofeedback Assisted Employee Wellness Programs please contact us.