I’m grateful to be of service to humanity and a guide for people to realize their full potential through sharing my knowledge and experience. Five years ago I would’ve never dreamed this is what I would be doing today. I know this is my path and I am eager to be expanding my consciousness during these very exciting times we are living in.

My awakening began about six years ago when my sister phoned me one day seeking my advice and help. She recently experienced a biofeedback session and noticed remarkable improvement in her blood sugar levels. She became diabetic after one of her pregnancies and has always been interested in maintaining good health. She was years ahead of most people when it came to making healthy choices and seeking alternatives to conventional medicine. My sister wanted to know what I thought about the biofeedback system she was considering purchasing. I believe divine guidance was in force that day because I purchased a new book called Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau. I had begun reading the book that day and read how Kevin had used a similar type of device to help him with his health problems. It was then I realized there was some reason the universe was bringing all this to me at the time. I helped her with her due diligence and she soon had her system. And guess who her first client became?

I was quite curious to try this after hearing her excitement when her training was complete. I will never forget the first session I had. On a December cold snowy day I had slipped badly on the ice as both my hands were full while walking to my car. I tried to recover from the slip and in the process only making matters worse as I twisted and landed very awkwardly. I hurt my back, hip, neck, and shoulder. Within in a few hours I was in extreme pain and experiencing muscle spasms. The next day was even worse as inflammation had set in with my whole midsection swelling in pain. I was already feeling miserable with a very nasty cold.  All I know is my sister focused a lot on relieving my pain during my session. There was much more information she furnished me with so I could make lifestyle changes. I immediately started feeling relief and the next morning I felt a world of difference. My cold was gone and my pain was almost non-existent. Much of the inflammation was gone and the spasms had stopped.

I was now a big believer of this technology and started making the changes necessary to improve my health. I too became a Biofeedback practitioner and began my journey of educating myself to help not only myself but others as well. I always thought I was eating well and following a healthy lifestyle but soon learned that was not necessarily true. I was in my early forties and my weight which was never really a problem had increased from 225 pounds to 265 pounds in a matter of a few years. I was getting sick all the time feeling lethargic and my arthritis and allergies intensified. By making a few dietary changes I lost 45 pounds in less than 6 months and was begin to feel better and had a new outlook on the direction of my health and wellbeing.
I had spent much of my life in Management as well as being self employed. With this came plenty of long hours and stress. Having been in numerous car accidents throughout my life my body had taken its toll of physical injuries. Enduring chronic pain and mental stress became the norm in my life. Add to that my younger years of excessive drinking and substance abuse.  It was inevitable that my health was not great. I was consuming legal and illegal narcotics to ease the pain and eventually that was not helping either. At a young age we are much more resilient and can put our selves through plenty of abuse. Sooner or later this will catch up to us and I was no different.

Today I am drug free and no longer endure the chronic pain as I did in the past. I have learned how to change my health through natural methods and have learned that the greatest healer is our selves. Knowledge is power. Taking your power back and educating your self about health and your own health and wellbeing is the best choice you can make in your life. We have a medical system based on treating the symptom and rarely looking at the root cause. And many peer reviewed medical health journals are now stating stress is the leading contributor to most diseases. Reducing your stress can improve your health.
There is no quick fix or magic pill to solve all your problems. We are complex beings and when you accumulate a life time of stress it requires focused dedication and commitment to improve your health and well being.  I am at your service to lead you on the path of living a healthy vibrant life!

Peace and Love,
Pete Bodnar