Learn how stress reduction can help your transformation
to gain more energy to connect your “Vital Force”


For some, stress is when we get overwhelmed with our emotions due to events in our lives. This is only one of the causes of stress in our lives. Stress comes in many forms, not just emotional, but mental, physical, spiritual, environmental, and social. Another major stress is digestive when our bodies cannot assimilate the food we consume into viable nutrients. Most of us are affected by all the above stressors which drain us of our “Vital Force”. The adrenals is one of our organs that is there to combat those effects, however many of us are in the fight or flight phase and our adrenals are stressed too!


What is the solution?


The first is to take responsibility for your health. I am not here to diagnose you or “heal” you but to coach you. Raising your level of consciousness and educating yourself about your body, mind, and spirit can improve your life. Recognizing and becoming aware of the unconscious factors affecting us that are buried deep within us is part of the process.  I am here to guide you, educate you, and teach you how to relax, unwind, and de-stress, through various modalities. Using biofeedback helps to manage and retrain stress patterns, educates clients on crucial information about stress, and empowers them to make lifestyle changes to support overall health and well being. Scalar Wave Lasers can clear and unwind negative cellular memory so that the body can unwind and open back up to the abundant energy of the universe. These are only some things that will connect you to your “Vital Force”. Our thoughts alone can do that by replacing negative thoughts like anger with love. Learn more